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Looking to sell?

Now it’s your turn to give us a tour of your home! You can show us via Facebook Live so we can give you an accurate opinion of value and discuss the best options for you, OR, you can give us access to the home. We will come in with gloves, booties, and mask on to view your home. We can call you with any questions, and/or do a Facebook Live on the spot to get a question answered.

Looking to buy?

We’re happy to call to schedule a video chat so that we can learn all about all the must-haves you need in a home. Then we will do an mls search to see what is available that meets your criteria, email you the results and set up email alerts with any new properties (or price changes) that come on the market.

We can communicate via Facebook Live,, or Google Hangouts to answer all your home sale or purchase questions.

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