Many seniors feel that since they own their home, they should just keep it. For others, the thought of moving simply never crossed their minds. However, staying in your current home is not always the best option. There are many reasons seniors should consider selling their homes and switching to a house that is more suited to fit their needs. Let’s explore the top 5 reasons seniors would be better off moving to a different home.

  1. Move to a smaller home and travel more!

Many seniors are simply living in a house that is too big for their needs. As life goes on kids move out, home offices stop being useful, and spare bedrooms see less and less use. All this extra room equates to more cleaning and maintenance for retirees living in a home that is too big for them. The extra space can also be seen as extra cash just sitting around waiting to be put to good use. By downsizing to a smaller more manageable home, there will undoubtedly be money left over that can be enjoyed during retirement. Use the savings to take an annual vacation or even buy a motor home and travel more.

  1. Stop wasting time on maintenance!

It’s a fact of life: Older homes tend to require more maintenance as the years go by. Regular wear and tear alone takes its toll on a house; add that to some bad luck with mother nature and repair and maintenance bills are bound to grow every year. Moving to a newer home is a simple way to rid yourself of pesky maintenance bills. New homes have all the latest technology and will have the benefit of warranty coverage in the event that something does go wrong. For seniors on a fixed income this can provide peace of mind knowing that their entertainment budget won’t be used up on home repairs.

  1. Get upgraded with the most recent tech solutions!

Another major perk that comes along with purchasing a new home is the technology that is integrated into the home. Aging baby boomers are spending small fortunes upgrading their current homes with this smart home tech. They find that all the automated features and added safety the technology provides makes their lives easier and more manageable as they age. Rather than struggling to get your home up to date with the latest home tech solutions, which can require installations that temporarily make the home unlivable, simply move into a new home that has everything you want seamlessly integrated into the house already.

  1. Sell your home and move to your dream location!

After a life time of work, why not retire in the place of your dreams…you earned it! With equity in your home there is no reason you can’t live out your dream retirement. If you have always pictured yourself lounging in the sun in a warm tropical paradise for your golden years, then now is the time. The good news is that the dream is easier than you think. Since downsizing the size of your home is a is a big recommendation for many retired persons living in the U.S., buying a home in the place that you have always dreamed of is a very real possibility. An even better way to enjoy your retirement to its fullest, sipping on pina coladas and lounge in a hammock every afternoon, is to move abroad. This is not nearly as crazy as it sounds – millions of Americans every year are retiring abroad because the strength of the U.S. dollar allows you to live like royalty in many exotic locations.

  1. Move to a walkable community!

Let’s face it, living in the United States most likely means that you rely on your car. Many seniors in their retirement find driving more difficult as time goes on; and, to make things worse, at some point your driving privileges may be taken away due to your advanced age. This is a great reason to get set up in a community that is developed with pedestrians in mind. The fear of losing your license is not the only reason for seniors to search out homes that have a walkable neighborhood. Most seniors today enjoy staying active and getting out of the house for some light exercise. Many retirees enjoy meeting up with friends on a regular basis for a brisk walk. Living in a community with plenty of open spaces, trails, and paths for walking gives seniors a huge boost in their quality of life during retirement.


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