Sunny California is a great place to retire, right? Well, there are certain cities and towns which are better suited than others to retire in California, as is the case with any other state. But, for those who want warm weather, and great year round activities, this is a state which is welcoming to the elderly.

In fact, there are a number of cities which have great retirement communities, activities like golfing, nightlife, and local dining for retirees to enjoy. When deciding where to move in California however, there are certain areas which you will want to avoid as a retiree. Not only because of younger crowds, but also higher crime rates and higher cost of living.

With all this said, these are the top ten cities to consider moving to, for those who wish to retire in California. Not only is cost of living lower, but the 65 plus communities are vibrant, crime rates are lower, and there is plenty for the elderly population to enjoy in these great cities in the state of California.

10. Paradise

With a name like that, who wouldn’t want to move here? With nearly 25% of the population being 65 and older, and .8% retiree newcomers annually, it is a great place for the elderly to enjoy and move to. Low housing costs of under $1 K per month, great weather, access to golf, nearby doctors, and easy of access to grocery stores and local dining, are all ideal for the retiree.

9. Fort Bragg

With about 15.3% of population 65 and older and just over .5% newcomer retirees annually, this is another great city targeted to retirees. It also has low income housing, at just about $1200 monthly.

Crime and safety are a bit high, but excellent weather, golfing communities, access to doctors and nearby recreational facilities, are all things retirees will love.

8. Fountain Valley

About 18% of the population is 65 and older, and about .6% of newcomers to the city are retirees. Cost of living is a bit higher, at around $1700 per month for housing.

Low crime rate, excellent doctors and medical facilities nearby, and close to recreational facilities and golfing, are some things retirees will love. Throw in excellent year round, sunny weather, and there aren’t many cities retirees will enjoy more.

7. Arroyo Grande

With 21.6% of the population being 65 plus and about .5% of newcomers being retirees, it is an area with an elderly community, so retirees will fit right in. Median housing costs are about $1500 monthly.

Weather, close doctors and groceries, dining, and nearby golfing, all got grades of A in this city. Crime rates are low, and surrounding cities are fairly safe as well, making it a great place for elderly individuals to consider moving to.

6. Walnut Creek

The city has about 26.7% of the population being 65 and older, and just over 1% of newcomers annually are over 65. Low property taxes and median housing cost of $1600 per month, are fairly reasonable.

Low crime rates, great weather, close to golf and recreational facilities, are some of the perks of this neighborhood. It is also nearby to many restaurants and outdoor activities to enjoy year round in California.

5. Sonoma

About 30% of the population is 65 and older, and about 1.2% of newcomers are elderly as well. Low cost of housing, is at about $1500 a month, which makes it very affordable for retirees who are no longer working and on a fixed income.

Crime rates are a bit higher as it is a major metro area and nearby to other large cities. However, it is nearby to doctors, nightlife and dining, and there are local golfing communities, all of which is welcome by retirees who are looking for a new place to call home upon retiring.

4. St. Helena

Nearly 23.5% of the population is over 65, and about 2% of the newcomers moving to the area are retirees as well. This makes it an extremely welcoming city for those who are older, and want to settle down.

Housing comes in at about $1700 a month, crime rates are low, weather is excellent, access to doctors and grocery stores are also high. With this said, it does not rate as highly as other cities, in terms of the local golfing communities and retirement communities and activities, as other cities on the list have to offer to retirees.

3. Grass Valley

Nearly 24% of the population is over the age of 65. And, about 2% of people moving to the area are retirees. Add in the reasonably low crime rates, nearby doctors, golf facilities, and excellent weather, and it is the perfect place to call home for the retiree.

If you want low cost of living, you will also find it in this city. The extremely low rental rate in the area is just over $920 per month. This is extremely affordable for retirees who are living on a fixed income, and would like to take in the great weather and activities which California is so well known for.

2. Morro Bay

This city has about 23.6% of the total population at the age of 65 and older. Additionally, about 1.1% of the newcomers moving to the area are retirees, so it is an area which is extremely welcoming to the older generations who wish to retire there.

Monthly housing costs are nearly $1300 a month, crime rates are low, weather is warm and sunny, and there are various nearby golf courses to enjoy. Access to grocery stores and doctor facilities is also highly rated, so you won’t have to drive too far when living in this area in California.

  1. Rio Vista

With about 35% of the population being 65 or older, you won’t find many places in California, or the US for that case, which is as welcoming to the retiree. About 2.6% of newcomers are also retirees, so if you are new to the area, you are going to fit right in.

Cost of living is low, with monthly housing at just over $1100 a month. Crime rates are reasonably low, there are nearby golf and recreational facilities, and it is nearby to doctors and grocery stores. It is perfectly situation, and with a high number of retirees already residing here, it is the perfect place for newcomers to the state of California, who wish to retire in the state.




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