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You’ve decided the time is right to move to a smaller home, apartment or retirement community. But where do you start? The entire process seems extremely overwhelming. You have a lot more furniture than your new place will hold, tons of stuff to give to the kids, and good china and crystal to get rid of. The key is to move while you are still the one in charge. Your adult children will most likely assist with your move; however, be sure you make the major decisions while you still can.

Do plan your new space on a floor planner

By using a floor plan, you will be able to see exactly what furniture fits in your new home. And you will save money by not moving furniture that won’t fit or work in the new space. Pick furniture that serves multiple purposes and offers the best storage.

Do sort, sort, sort

Sorting and decision-making is the hardest task and can take the most time if decision making is difficult. All items must be sorted–from the kitchen, bedrooms and storage shed to the garage and basement. Chances are you do not need–or even want–much of what you have accumulated over a long period of time.

Do downsize or make it the right size

This is an excellent time to set aside charitable donations to be picked up, send the family heirlooms to children or relatives, get rid of clothes that don’t fit or are out of style, and send items to ebay, auction or consignment.

Do consider hiring a Senior Move Manager to organize and oversee your move

Senior Move Managers (SMMs) are companies that can help you from the start of your planning process all the way through the pack, move and unpacking stages. SMMs are dedicated to helping the senior population as they downsize, “right-size” and move, or choose to age in place.

SMMs are expert organizers, declutterers, packers, unpackers and decorators. Additionally, they can recommend resources for moving companies, real estate sales, estate sales, house repairs, trash hauling and hazmat disposal. They are also happy to change your utilities, cable and mail. SMMs use their own packing supplies and take it all away at the end of the move.

The National Association of Seniors Move Managers (NASMM) is the leading membership organization dedicated to transitions and relocation issues affecting older adults. By picking a NASMM member to help you, you are getting trained, experienced individuals and companies.

Do not choose a mover solely based on cost

Movers are typically a case of “getting what you pay for.” Professional movers are insured, licensed and bonded. And they should be able to provide references if you request them. Don’t hire the guys driving the old bread truck if you want your furniture to arrive in one piece.

Do not stay in your home so long that you are unable to make your own decisions

If you wait too long to move–and have a medical crisis that prevents you from going back to your home–this decision will likely be made by someone else. And it may not be what you would have chosen.

Do not make assumptions about today’s retirement communities

Today’s retirement communities are actually fun, vibrant places with people who have chosen to enjoy life and not be a slave to their homes. Think about it this way: Would it be so bad to have someone else cook and clean for you? Do not wait to start the process until you list your house

Most houses in today’s real estate market sell quickly. Begin the process early by sorting, downsizing and clearing out your clutter. Not only will your house look more attractive and sell quicker, but you will be ready to pack and move.


Move while you are the one in charge. If you put in the work up front, during the planning and sorting phase, your move will be much smoother. Let experienced movers, such as Senior Move Managers, assist you. They can take the burden off your children who are busy with work and families. Moving does not have to be something to dread.

Source: ~ By: Betty White and Jeanine Plumhoff, Senior Move Managers, Smooth Transitions Denver LLC

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