1. Price your home to sell

Pricing the home correctly from the beginning is one of the important aspects of the home sale process. Pricing it too high may deter prospective buyers, whereas pricing it too low leads to considerable money lost on the seller’s behalf. A knowledgeable Realtor will do their due diligence and carefully research home sales in the area before pricing a home. They will understand how to price it competitively to attract buyers while also helping the seller generate offers that are of value to them.

It is also important to price the home to sell to reduce the possibility of reducing the price later on. Prospective buyers assume that a price decrease means that the home is defective, deterring them from wanting to tour the home at all.

  1. Properly market the home

In addition to pricing the home to sell, marketing the home is also extremely important. A Realtor will typically have a listing professionally photographed, write a well-written property description, and will help the seller stage the home to sell. Many Realtors also have a strong online presence and will take time to market the listing on social media, the MLS, real estate websites, and more.

In addition to online advertising, Realtors typically have strong networks to share the listing details. They will help spread the word about the listing while attending networking events, word of mouth, and by meeting with other Realtors in their area.

  1. Obtain the highest price possible

Realtors are skilled negotiators. Those who have been in the real estate industry for years have developed strong negotiation tactics that will benefit sellers. Those who are newer to real estate may come from industries where they negotiated contracts regularly. Whatever the case may be, a seller can rely on their Realtor to negotiate a great price on their home.

  1. Negotiate repair costs

The seller is typically responsible for paying necessary repair costs such as water damage, roof repairs, etc. However, those costs are up for negotiation. A diligent Realtor will guide sellers on what they should pay for and what should be the buyer’s responsibility.

If the buyer is requesting unnecessary repairs or is difficult to work with, the seller’s agent will serve as a middleman between the buyer and seller, negotiating on the seller’s behalf. A strong seller’s agent can often help the seller save thousands of dollars on excessive repair costs, putting more money in their pocket. Without a Realtor available, a seller may pay considerably more than they should in repairs.

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