From the desk of Trilogy at Rio Vista Realtor Ralene Nelson: If you are over 55 and living in a home way too big for you, it may be a good time to consider downsizing to a retirement community while you can still be in control. As this author says; “Downsizing by choice, not by crisis can be the first step of managing that series of coming changes.” Trilogy at Rio Vista is affordable, living in a gated community is safe and your are just minutes away from restaurants, shopping, entertainment and medical facilities. Call me today at 707-334-0699.

A wise executive once said, “The most effective way to cope with change in your life is to look ahead and help create it.”

How many Seniors are having decisions made for them by others because they waited too long to make positive changes for themselves?

Wise Seniors know when it’s time to take proactive steps to influence the speed and direction of the inevitable changes coming at them as they age.

Downsizing by choice, not by crisis can be the first step of managing that series of coming changes.

Some of you are sitting in a large home you have lived in for decades and wonder if you should just adapt your current house and stay there forever. Might be a good idea…but it’s probably worth checking out some of the options available to you while you are still healthy and vibrant and capable of making a major change ..on your own terms.

Another thing to think about is the great gift you would be giving to your family by making these choices while you are capable. What a relief for them not to worry about you “falling in the Fall” as you scrape the maple leaves off your roof again.

Downsizing your stuff can be a great relief as well. Selling, donating or recycling so your home is more manageable is short-term pain for long-term gain. After it’s over you will feel like a new person, ready to take on the next exciting phase of your life.

The “heavy lifting” will be done.

If you wait too long, a move or downsize will be a disaster with someone else having to make all the decisions for you.

Source: ~ By: Allen Unrau

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